For the Metrosexual Male!
Let’s face it – you only get one chance to make a first impression. Most people tend to remember facial features, like a perfect smile etc. Why not add nicely groomed eyebrows to your list! Well-groomed eyebrows can compliment your other features, wake up a tired face and create a youthful appearance!  

If you have bushy eyebrows, a uni-brow or just want to get your eyebrows cleaned up, visit one of our stores!

There is no need to feel embarrassed: MinShu’s has several regular male clients that get their eyebrows trimmed and cleaned up and occasionally get their beard-line straightened as well!

Because threading removes hair from the roots, it does not leave the skin around the eyebrows looking like you just shaved it, however, still giving you the clean, fresh and well-groomed look.

Are you getting married? Meeting someone special? Going to a party or an important meeting? Or just simply want to get a fresh look? MinShu’s recommends stopping by a day or two before the event to get your face freshened-up!!

MinShu’s offers gift certificates for those special people and special occasions in your life. Be it the Father’s Day, Birthday or just a “thank you”!

MinShu’s recommends our male customers to call ahead for an available threading specialist.

Thanks for visiting MinShu's!

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