Getting Married?
Whether your brows need a fine-tuning or a complete overhaul, timing is critical. We recommend leaving enough time to schedule around hair re-growth. Once removed from the roots, eyebrow hairs take 1-2 months to grow back to their maximum length. So, if your brows are too thin or too short, it will take at least three appointments scheduled every 2-3 weeks apart to get eyebrows to the point where they are ready to be re-shaped and perfected.

Once re-shaped, we suggest visiting MinShu’s every three weeks to maintain the shape and definition.

The week of the wedding, get the eyebrows done 2-3 days before the wedding day to ensure any redness or irritation has subsided and your skin is photo-ready.

Threading achieves a defined shape and unlike waxing and tweezing, also removes peach fuzz so skin has a smooth texture for makeup applications and looks clear in wedding photographs.

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